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Concert with The Jeppe Just Institute and FIGURA · Tuesday 28 October 2014 · 5 pm · The Royal Library, Copenhagen
FIGURA+ TIMO KREUSER at the Royal Library, Copenhagen · September 23 · 5 pm
One night performance at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
In this season FIGURA offers following concerts:

FIGURA Festspiele 2013

The annual FIGURA Festspiele runs over two days March 15 -16 with international guest soloists and musicians at the concerts in LiteraturHaus Copenhagen as well as an outdoor performance in the urban space of Nørrebro, CPH.

German Cabaret feat. Helene Gjerris
When Helene Gjerris of the FIGURA Ensemble is not shining in modern and classical opera roles, she sings German cabaret songs from the 1930es. Songs which cover the whole spectrum from the sharp and witty songs by Kurt Weill and Hanns Eisler with lyrics by Bertolt Brecht, to languishingly sentimental pop songs and movie songs.

Cabaret Songs feat. Signe Asmussen

The New York composer Derek Bermel has created the work Cabaret Songs for FIGURA. Derek Bermel has been hailed across the globe for his creativity and theatricality as a composer of chamber, symphonic, dance, theater, and pop works, and his virtuosity and charisma as a clarinetist, conductor, and jazz and rock musician. Wendy S. Walters has written the lyrics for Cabaret Songs. Walter's work as a lyricist has been performed at Carnegie Hall and the Huddersfield Music Festival (UK) among several others. It is a pleasure for FIGURA to collaborate with Bermel and Walters. The first performance of Cabaret Songs took place at The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art the 4th of August 2007 with Signe Asmussen as soloist.

CLICK HERE and listen to Ma´s Kitchen from the 5th og August 2007

Jazz feat. Tuva Semingsen
An evocative night concert in the company of old and new jazz standards. The world-renowned mezzo-soprano Tuva Semingsen opera soloist at the Royal Theatre, is adding, as Denmarks one and only mezzo, the title as a jazz diva to her repertoire and digs up, along with FIGURA and saxophonist Peter Fuglsang, form the Danish Radio Big Band, songs from the days when classic show songs had their heyday on Broadway and in Hollywood's nightclubs. It's all mixed with interpretations of newer songs with the standard potential.

Galgenlieder (Gallow Songs)
The Danish composer Anders Brødsgaard's "Galgenlieder" composed for FIGURA Ensemble played opposite Sofia Gubaidulina's composition of the same. Lyrics by Christian Morgenstern.

FIGURA Festpiele 2013
Athelas New Music Festival
Cabaret Songs, Photo: Isabella Lenshardt
Tuva Semmingsen, photo: Isabelle Lenshardt
Photo by: Sara Roland