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Four days of exhilarating new concerts plus the Axel Borup-Jørgensen Prize
Join us on Tuesday November 29 as FIGURA Ensemble and Signe Asmussen take the stage of Copenhagen’s LiteraturHaus to present three Danish premieres.
Copenhagen’s Koncertkirken is the venue for a dazzling double concert in which FIGURA’s hardcore lineup are joined by trailblazing Danish and international jazz name, Jacob Anderskov.


Holland House and FIGURA Ensemble has been allowed into a previously unknown backlist of one of Denmark's greatest living composers Per Nørgård.

TECNI · a chaos cabaret for and by Per Nørgård, who this year can celebrate his 80 years birthday. World Premiere 21st of April 2012

TECNI is the result of a television programme from 2007 (Den 11. Time) with Per Nørgård. This allowed the public to see him play works he had written, as a child and teenager, and that had not yet been performed publicly. They were written as accompaniment to him and his brother Bent Nørgård’s own comic strips. The material had emerged from their hiding through the brothers' former nanny, who had kept their logbooks, film rolls and manuscripts in all these years.

The program inspired director Jacob F. Shokking and sound designer Gert Sørensen to create a musical show. Each song has original text by Per and Bent Nørgård and it is a rather different genre than the Per Nørgård we know today. Here Nørgård composed the samba, tango, jitterbug and real Ballroom music from a powerful fascination of those days American entertainment music.

Based on Per Nørgård's tecni comic strips, the show will take place on a completely new Copenhagen stage at The Betty Nansen Theatre: The SILO at EDISON. It will be a world premiere and a housewarming party in one.

In 1979, Nørgård went to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to attend a Schønberg Concert. On his way through the museum he ran in to the exhibition “Outsiders” with the mentally ill, Swiss artist and poet Adolf Wölfli. Nørgård was so fascinated by Wölfli’s art that influenced many of his compositions in the subsequent years.

The libretto is written by the Danish writer Ursula Andkjær Olsen. She has gathered and partially adapted texts by Per Nørgård and Bent Nørgaard and Adolf Wölfli in to a world populated by peculiar figures from Nørgård’s comic strips. Ursula Andkjær Olsen’s inspirational compilation forms the basic text of what is best described as a chaos cabaret with a wide emotional spectrum.

No idyll without disaster – no disaster without idyll
TECNI takes place in an imaginary New York. It’s a medley of the young Nørgård’s idea of a mega-Manhattan, inspired by the post-war American entertainment music and the rambling tale of a fantasy New York that Adolf Wölfli created from contemporary illustrated magazines in his cell in a mental hospital in Switzerland.

The show moves from today’s Nørgård, behind the piano – his drawn childhood tales of Tor and Loki’s adventurous journey from Valhalla to New York – to Adolf Wölfli’s Avantgarde Travel Agency to explore New York's parquet cobbled streets – and to the pompous ball rooms of the imaginary city where people dance Nørgård’s "OrangoTango". TECNI’s unruly musical and dramatic universe finds its visual counterpart in Jacob F. Schokking’s staging. The show unfolds in a dynamic video set design, which makes it possible to orchestrate both grandiose visual sequences and intimate theatre in surprising shifts.

Like the text bridges the gap between the young and the adult Nørgård, the audience will be able to hear music from both the light and the serious section of Nørgård’s work. The show relates music dramatically, and not chronologically, to Nørgård's oeuvre in order to create a unique harmonic experience. TECNI is a tribute to the irrepressible imagination, primarily seen and heard through Per Nørgård's multifaceted music.

Composer: Per Nørgård
Staging / set design: Jacob F. Schokking
Text: Per Nørgård and Bent Nørgaard, Adolf Wölfli and Ursula Andkjær Olsen
Starring: Helene Gjerris (mezzo-soprano), Jesper Egelund (bass, banjo), Anna Klett (clarinets) Frans Hansen (percussion)
Video Design: Spild af Tid
Lighting design: Frederik Heitmann
Sound design: Gert Sørensen
Sound Engineer: Jacob F. Jensen
System Technician: Turpin Napoleon Djurhuus
Costume Design: Christine Mayer - Berlin
Venue: Copenhagen, Denmark· The SILO· EDISON, The Betty Nansen Theatre. Edisonvej 10, 1856 Frederiksberg C
Show dates: April 21st – May 9th 2012
Running times: Tues, Wed, Fri at. 8 PM | Sat at. 5 PM | Sun 3 PM
Ticket Prices: DKK 80-200
Ordering: or Tel.: +45 33 2114 90 E-mail:
Co-production: Holland House and FIGURA Ensemble produce TECNI in collaboration with the The Betty Nansen Theatre
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